October 05, 2008

Independent Distributor Program

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What Is Direct Selling?

Very simply, direct selling is a way to sell products or services directly to customers, away from a retail location. A direct sales business allows you to connect with customers and Business owners one-on-one, in groups, through online sales, catalog sales or by phone. People in the direct selling industry are often known as independent consultants, distributors or representatives.

A direct selling opportunity is a viable option for people of all ages, genders and income levels. It is an especially good opportunity for students,teenagers,young adults,and men and women who want more flexibility and control over their lives, and who:

Check the box or boxes that apply to you

Have an entrepreneurial spirit.

Like working with people.

Desire a less structured working environment.

Are looking to supplement their income without making a large investment.

Want an opportunity to earn an unlimited income.

If you checked 1 or more boxes Direct sales is for you!

Direct Selling Association Facts and Figures:

Worldwide, annual sales from the direct selling industry currently exceed $100 billion. A direct selling business is:

A business opportunity based on the sales of a product or service direct to a consumer.

An exciting opportunity to own your own business with a small start up investment.

An excellent opportunity for women. About 75 percent of those working in direct sales are women.

A growing industry: More than $100 billion worth of goods and services are sold annually through direct sales.

A way to achieve balance in your life. You can set your own hours, become your own boss and earn according to your own ambition and efforts.


With Saaphyri's Lip Chap, you can design your own idea of success. You can sell products part time and earn extra money to supplement your income. Or you may increase your earning potential by sharing the opportunity and mentoring others.

A beautiful beginning

Learn the business from the

ground up and enjoy meeting with customers and building relationships through selling products.

When you’re ready, you may earn higher commissions and rewards

by sharing the opportunity and mentoring others.

Once you’ve mastered your mentoring skills, you can earn the coveted position of Independent National Sales Director and earn even higher commissions and luxury rewards.

Take these 3 simple steps to start:

Email your Saaphyri's Lip Chap Independent Sales Director to learn more about this great business opportunity.

Sign your Independent Distributor Agreement and purchase the Starter Kit to help you begin selling Saaphyri's Lip Chap right away. In it, you will find:

Saaphyri's Lip Chap.

Educational materials and selling tools.

Make your life more beautiful.

Extra income, increased flexibility – it’s all in your hands now!

Enjoy an opportunity to earn a profit on the high-quality Saaphyri's Lip Chap® products you sell.

Increase your earning potential by sharing the Saaphyri's Lip Chap opportunity with others.

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September 03, 2008

New Series Friends & Lovers

Award-winning Director/Actor/Writer Maurice Jamal (Dirty Laundry, Ski Trip, B-Boy Blues)
does it again as he brings us his funniest and sexiest project ever!

Part comedy, part soap opera, part feature film: FRIENDS AND LOVERS follows several diverse LA couples as they live large, love loose and make big mistakes!


A spin-off from the smash hit The Ski Trip (MTV's LOGO), this project follows

Omar (John Rankin) and Corey (Maurice Jamal) as they relocate to LA and are contemplating

getting married.
They are reunited with original film favs Terry (Daren Fleming) the actor filled with

personal drama and lesbian sex pot Nikki (Cassandra Cruz).

Soon we discover their lives are intertwined with a diverse and eccentric group of Angelinos:

Jayson the hot body with a heart of gold (Ben Patterson of Miami CSI, Noah's Arc);

Action Star Troy Thomas who holds a deadly secret (Wayne Folkes);

Sexy NBA Player Montell Jones (stage and recording star Terrell Carter);

His outrageous gold-digging girlfriend Lisa (Saaphyri Windsor of Flava of Love, Charm School),

Gabriel (Lucky Conner) the new kid in town who has a deep dark secret;

Sensitive family man Owen (Anwar Robinson of American Idol);

Lucky the dim-witted gym hound who's smarter than anyone knows (Kairon John of Transformers 2; Noah's Arc);

and wannabe rapper Daz (Willie Macc of BET's College Hill).

Be the FIRST to see the show EVERYONE will be TALKING ABOUT!








April 07, 2008

 Hey Yall,

Check out my new video "Lip Chap Anthem"...

Starring Gary Sturgis from Tyler Perry's "Daddy's Little Girl", Red Grant "Katt Williams Comedy Tour", and hip hop recording artist Big Freez as "The Instigators" !

Directed by my boy Moon !

So let me know what you think of the video !

If you wanna contact any of the actors you can find all of them on my top friends on
Myspace.com/Saaphyri ...and to hear the "Lip Chap Anthem" song in full go to Myspace.com/MzSaaphyri

Have a blessed and wonderful day !

March 29, 2008

Hey  yall,

I have a new song !...It's called the "Lip Chap Anthem" ... and yes there is a video coming reeeaaallll soon!..so check out the song and tell me what ya think.

Once again I have to thank yall for all the love and support you give me, because without you I would'nt be able to do what i do,and live my dreams!.

Just click on my pic to go to "Mz Saaphyri" my  Music Page

Have a blessed and wonderful day !

March 14, 2008

Girls Club gets some "Lip Chap" from Saaphyri