May 04, 2011


They are talking about Lip Chap (a word I created) on Glee the #1 show in the country.. WOW

So I guess Lip[ Chap is "Officially" a part of modern culture!... ... The nay sayers said it couldn't be done ... Well hahahaha Bitches!

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Check out my interview with SFTHM Host Shaun Amin. It's funny cause he didn't know what to ask me and his camera person had to "literally" feed him all the questions.

I interviewed Eric Roberts (Julia Roberts) brother for Reality Nation a couple of weeks ago and I now can understand what it means to be "Totally" thrown off while interviewing. I'll post that interview soon!

In the meantime check out this awkward interview...LOL

I LOOOOOOVED my make-up by Astrid!

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This was definitely one of the parties to be at All Star weekend. One of the best parts of it for me was running into my peeps Linda Antwi. If you guys didn't know I wore her "Brown Girl" T-shirts on I Love Money 2.

Check out our fun interview~

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Saaphyri Wow's @ "MILES FROM HOME" DVD Release Party

This movie was good good and Megan Good did a awesome job.. Everyone make sure to support this DVD!

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Make me a Star Red Carpet In Studio City 1

I had a blast at the "Make me a star" event hosted by Megan Good and Miguel Nunez.
There was some true talent in the building.. You guys will hear them soon! Check me out on the red carpet as I do my interview.

My outfit was sooo cute!

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January 21, 2011

Check out my 1st Blog on Global Grind !!! "My Daddy Smashing The Bag Lady"

                                           By Saaphyri 


Okay so Global Grind asked me to write a blog, but I've been stumped on what I wanted to write about. So I asked my Twitter followers, Facebook followers, and Myspace followers (yes I still communicate with the myspace peeps) what they wanted me to write about, and they all pretty much wanted me to just talk about my life.. Soooo I'm just speaking from the heart! 
So where should I start? Well I guess I should start from the beginning, or at least the beginning in which you may have come to know me. Well first you may know me from Flavor of Love season 2 as the girl who didn't last in the house but 5 minutes, because I got into a fight over a bed, was hit with flowers, and ultimately had to whoop on the girl, or maybe you were more familiar with me from Flavor of Love girls: Charm School where Mo'Nique was the house mother and awarded me $50,000 for becoming the most improved, and the first winner of Charm School. If none of those shows jog your memory than maybe VH1's I Love Money season 2 may. Ironically enough returning home from filming I Love Money 2 is where my T.V. journey took a unexpected...well not exactly unexpected BUT definitely unwanted turn.
In 2005 I was supposed to turn myself into custody to begin serving my "Sentence." But God had another plan for me.  I prayed on the situation and God said "Don't turn yourself in." I'm not exaggerating! God said "Saaphyri DO NOT turn yourself in." Some people may think that it was just me not wanting to turn myself in, but I promise you it was more divine than that. A couple of months after my conversation with God I was on a website called and came across an add that read "Would you like to date a Rapper"
I thought to myself "Well hell yeah" so I emailed my picture and phone number, and they called me in for a interview, and the rest is history.... Kinda!

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WBM Features Saaphyri Winner of VH1's Charm Schoo

In addition to some phenomenal musical acts, stand outs in the fashion community, sports, and business, WBM would like to introduce you to reality television star Saaphyri. Most famous for her participation as a contestant on VH1's Flavor of Love 2 and Charm School series, Saaphyri spends some time via an interview to catch the world up to speed with how she got her start in entertainment and what the future holds.

                                                     CLICK HERE TO HERE INTERVIEW

Interview Spotlight - Reality TV Star Saaphyri

Sapphyri first stepped onto the scene as one of the girls vying for Flavor Flav's attention on Flavor of Love 2. She then used that memorable appearance to land a spot on Charm School, where she came out the winner. Check out what she's doing now after the jump.

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January 08, 2011

From 'Charm School' To The Clink: Reality TV Star Saaphyri Speaks On Prison & On-Camera Fights

The feisty VH1 reality show alum shares stories from the pen, explains her violent tendencies and the dope relationship she has with her "daddy."

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The Top Five Celebrity Gift Ideas


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   Saaphyri's Lip Chap was voted # 5 of Top Celebrity products! 

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10 Saaphyri's Lip Chap Flavor's

Top 43 Most"Crazy" reality stars..

                           The Top 43 Most "Crazy" reality Stars! 
                                    Next year I'll be # 1

25) Saaphyri Windsor
Reality Show Appearances: Flavor of Love 2, Charm School, I Love Money 2
She got booted from Flavor of Love 2, before getting a nickname, for fighting. Her redemption came when she won the first Charm School  but by the time she appeared on I Love Money, it was clear that she didn’t retain her lessons in refinement based on several spazz outs. She ended up missing the I Love Money reunion because she was locked up. Also, "lip chap."

                                                                               CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ON VIBE !