January 08, 2011

The Top Five Celebrity Gift Ideas


   Hey this is soooo cool!!!! 
   Saaphyri's Lip Chap was voted # 5 of Top Celebrity products! 

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You haven't tryed my lip chap?? Well you can buy Saaphyri's Lip Chap RIGHT HERE !


10 Saaphyri's Lip Chap Flavor's


Anonymous said...

I just bought some of Saaphyri's Lip Chap ! The Bubble Gum.. it smells real good and my lips aren't dry anymore

Anonymous said...

I like you cookie dough lip balm

Anonymous said...

Gur u so hood comin out witcho own lip balm... there's gonna be a lotta dick suckin with my new safari cherry lip balm. Heyyyyyyy!

Anonymous said...

After befriending you when you were doing Charm School, and then losing touch with you when you did your bid. I found you again, and it is good to see that you're still on your grind. I will be purchasing some of your lip chap--love the flavors. Maybe you should do something with hair too...you seem to have some talent in that area. Good luck, and keep hustling.

Anonymous said...

when are you gonna have the lasacour flavor?